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JobSeeker or JobKeeper

We have had numerous emails and phone calls over the last few days in relation to JobKeeper and eligibility. Whilst the Government could have been more imaginative and less confusing by naming it something totally different to that of JobSeeker, they didn't and confusion between the two will  continue. Apart from the name, from our opinion, the scheme has been a wonderful initiative from the Government and will both lower the strain on Services Australia (Centrelink) and also keep employee...

April 9, 2020

COVID-19 Update - Cashflow Boost, Subsidies & More

With the world as we once knew changing daily, and the Government Support Packages changing just as quickly, we thought it might be good time to try and summarize where things currently sit, and the possible effects on your business. We have listed below, the options that we believe may be options that you can possibly avail yourself of. We do advise that you should discuss with your Accountant, the following measures, and its direct effect on your business. Cash Flow Boost – Credits for PAYG...

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